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Increase the trichome and terpene production with Boost Formula. A complete, balanced fertilizer for flowering plants that contains all the premium additives in one easy to use super soluble power. Save money and time by choosing Simply Professional Formula.

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Boost Formula is designed for mid to late flower stage, has double the seaweed, increased levels of Phosphorus, Potassium, Molasses, Yucca & Humic Acid and contains less nitrogen and no silica compared to Bloom Formula. Boost trichome and terpene production with optimal N:K ratios. Get ready for the fade as your flowers ripen for harvest.

Feed Boost Formula during week 6,7 & 8 of flower and at the same strength as you would bloom formula. EC 1.0-2.0

5gm = 1 teaspoon = 5 milliliters

Gradually increase the strength of your feedings. Don’t overdo it, SimPro Formula is strong; a full strength mix of 10 grams per gallon will produce large dense flowers. Constant heavy feeding without runoff will cause problems, water with a mild nutrient solution (EC 0.6 / 300 ppm) anytime you suspect a nutrient issue.

Heavy feeding will require runoff. Run off is the excess water that exits the bottom of the grow container when you water plants. Run-off carries away the excess nutrients and allows you to maintain a consistent root zone EC. The number one rule for watering coco is that you should always provide enough nutrient solution to each plant to produce 10-20% run-off.

Water when the top of your grow media shows signs of drying out. Don’t let plants run out of water although don’t overwater; make sure roots get access to plenty of air. If the grow medium is waterlogged and looks super wet, the roots likely aren’t getting enough oxygen for the fastest growth. With over-moist soil, you should give less water at a time or water less often.

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