How to get a your Complimentary SimPro Ultimate Harvest Combo

How’s it growing Fam! My name is Rob, I’ve created the microbe-rich Simply Professional Formulas to make advanced nutrient feeding as easy as possible. The Microbes in SimPro’s Vegetation and Bloom All-in-One Formulas are 2X more concentrated than Great White and are stacked with all of the organic additives; Seaweed, Silica, Humic, Fulvic, and Amino Acids, Yucca, and Molasses.

Released in August 2021 after 18 months of development and testing the formulas are 100% soluble, a complete NPK fertilizer with micronutrients. A tablespoon per gallon dissolves in seconds and is ready to apply. Enjoy


Thanks for your sponsorship interest, I am humbled by the community support and come through on each sponsorship request. It’s great to see our customers pulling down that dank harvests so I don’t plan to stop the sponsorships.

This is how I would like it to see it go down. I’m all about supporting local small businesses, I am a small business, local to some but not all. So if you live in an area with a local grow shop let’s get them to carry SimPro for you to purchase and keep it local.

To land your Complimentary SimPro

Ultimate Harvest Combo

Step 1:

Create an IG Post to inform your followers about SimPro

Tell them what SimPro is:

Simply Professional Formulas are a Microbial Based One Part Easy-to-Use Soluble Nutrient Powder; developed from a well-balanced blend of select natural & mineral nutrients and organic additives. SimPro is packed with 2X more Microbes than Great White, loaded with all of the organic additives; Seaweed, Silica, Yucca, Molasses, Humic, Fulvic & Amino Acids, Full NPK, Cal-Mag, Micro-nutrients, absolutely nothing else is needed from Seed to Harvest, just a few teaspoons per gallon of quality water Guaranteed! Save money and time by choosing Simply Professional Formula.

Tell you friends what intrigued you about Simply Professional Formula

Tag us @SimProFormula and use the Hashtag #SimplyProfessionaResults

Step 2:

Tag your local grow shop in your SimPro IG Post , give them a shout-out, drop their name. Tell your shop about us, SimProFormula supports local and want our Fam to support local.

Step 3:

Share you IG Post with @SimProFormula via DM

Do this and I’ll drop you an Ultimate Harvest Combo, 1lb each of the Vegetation and Bloom Formulas and a Free SimPro sample to every friend that comments on your post and tags a fellow grower.