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Bloom Formula is a complete, balanced fertilizer for flowering plants which contains all the premium additives in one easy to use super soluble power. Save money and time by choosing Simply Professional Formula.

Bloom Formula 5 -6 – 12

Bloom Formula is a complete phosphorus and potassium rich fertilizer high in seaweed and carbohydrates. Designed for high enzyme production are early trichome development.

Simply Professional’s All-In-One Formulas, Vegetation, Transition, Bloom & Boost, contains concentrated beneficial bacteria and fungi that produce enzymes that break down organics into available plant nutrients, biostimulants and natural plant growth hormones while protecting the rhizosphere from pathogens and parasites. Simply Professional Formulas meets the highest standards for heavy metal analysis and do not and will never contain synthetic plant growth regulators. Formulas are fortified with Molasses, Yucca, Humates, Amino Acids, Silica, Seaweed and Aloe Vera. Everything your plants require and desire for root stem foliage and bloom performance. Enjoy #SimplyProfessionalResults

Keep in mind that its more common to over feed than to under feed. Allow the top of your media to dry in-between watering then water completely and with runoff. Heavy feeding will require runoff, without it problems may occur. Run off is the excess water that exits the bottom of the grow container preventing nutrient accumulation.  Water with a mild nutrient solution (EC 0.6 / 300 ppm) anytime you suspect a nutrient issue. Normally water with 10% Runoff. Water when the top of your grow media shows signs of drying out, make sure roots get access to plenty of air & don’t overwater. With over-moist soil, you should water less often.

SimPro Formulas contain Cal-Mag. Additional Cal-Mag is typically NOT required. Some coco coir products are not buffered with Cal-Mag. Un-buffered coco coir will pull Cal-Mag out of solution causing deficiencies. Use SimPro Cal-Mag to buffer coco coir prior to use or as a supplement during vegetative growth. Cease Cal-Mag supplement during flower to avoid excess nitrogen.

High Performance Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water use with Simply Professional Formula

We have seen a wide range of performance with different reverse osmosis systems that cultivators use to filter their water. Some RO systems are extremely effective at removing all the minerals and carbonates from the source water. With this type of water and for best results we recommend that some minerals are replenished with Cal-Mag Formula before mixing in Simply Professional Vegetation & Transition Formula. Supplement Cal-Mag up to an EC of 0.3 – 0.4 (150 – 200 ppm).

Additionally with this highly purified water Simply Professional Formulas mix at low pH and outside of our recommended pH range of 5.5 – 7.5 For best results you will want to make sure the pH of your solution is above 5.5, use a high-quality pH up such as Simply Professional’s pH UP Formula. Use any pH up or pH down product sparingly and creep up on our desired pH target.

Directions For Use:

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Mix 1/2 – 1 Tablespoon (5-10 grams) per 1 Gallon of Water.

Fill water container / reservoir before adding nutrients.

  • Foliar Feed                   EC 0.5 (250ppm US)  Weekly Prior to Bud Set
  • Clone / Seedling          EC 0.6 (300ppm US)  Every Watering / Use Bloom
  • Coco/Hydro                 EC 1.8 (900ppm US)  Every  Watering
  • Soil                                 EC1.0  (500ppm US)  Every Other Watering

5gm = 1 teaspoon = 5 milliliters




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