Seaweed promotes balanced growth, boosts immunity and stress resistance, increases lateral branching and provides trace elements.

Using high-quality nutrient sources is key during the cannabis growth cycle.

By doing so, you avoid the risk of nutrient deficiencies in your plants. Deficiencies can damage plant health, stunt growth, and limit the prized result of a good harvest. Keeping a steady flow of nutrients into your plants’ soil will ensure maximum health, vitality, and yield.

Seaweed is a great nutrient source for helping your plants thrive.

This is not a new idea: different types of seaweed have been used in agricultural settings all over the world for centuries.

Fresh seaweed contains a plethora of major and minor plant nutrients and trace minerals that it absorbs from the ocean. These include minerals such as sulfur, magnesium, boron, and calcium.

  • When ground up and incorporated into meals, seaweed contributes beneficial vitamins such as A, C, B12, K, and E.
  • Seaweed also contains substances that regulate plant growth, contributing to the rapid growth and development.

Seaweed contains chemical compounds that are also effective against certain fungi, viruses, and bacteria. In addition to fighting off bad bacteria, seaweed can help condition your soil and enhances the growth of beneficial bacteria.

We chose to include seaweed as one of the many components of Simply Professional Formula because of the incredible benefits. Simply Professional Formula is the only product you will need, from seed to harvest. It contains all the premium additives— like seaweed — in one easy to use super soluble powder.


December 6, 2022
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