Veg & Bloom Formulas 50 Gram Sample Packs


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Vegetation and Bloom Sample 50 gram packs will each make approximately 5 gallons of ready to use nutrient solution.

Simply Professional Formulas are a One Part Easy-to-Use Soluble Powder. Developed from a well-balanced blend of select natural & mineral nutrients and organic additives. Save money and time by choosing Simply Professional Formula.

Microbes & Mycorrhizae are the basis of life in your grow media, feeding on organic matter they excrete and transport soluble plant nutrients and growth promoting enzymes. Beneficial microbes also protects your plants from root and foliar pathogens. With the highest concentration of microbes on the market use Simply Professional Formula in the root zone and as a foliar spray.

Vegetation FORMULA

Vegetation Formula is a complete, balanced fertilizer for healthy lush green growth with tight internode spacing.


Bloom Formula is a complete, balanced fertilizer that promotes rapid flowering and trichome development.



Silicon strengthens cell walls and increases your plant’s tolerance to environmental stress such as drought, mineral toxicity and mildews.



Mycorrhizae, Bacteria and Fungi, enhance yields by improving nutrient transport, increases phosphate bio-availability, hormone stimulation, enzyme production and pathogen control.



Yucca Schidigera promotes complete wetting of the root zone and prevents dry spots optimizing nutrient / root contact.

Fulvic Acid


Fulvic Acid chelates nutrients increasing their bio-availability, aiding root absorption and intercellular transport enhancing cell growth.



Seaweed promotes balanced growth, boosts immunity and stress resistance, increases lateral branching and provides trace elements.

Amino Acids


Amino acids are a readily absorbed biostimulant, enhances metabolic synthesis, provides nitrogen, strengthens cells and improves resistance to pests and disease.

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Weight .2925 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 8.75 × .25 in
  1. Brent engelhart @wicked_nuggzzz_520

    Best nutes I’ve used ever will never go back great and simple and the plants love and thrive from them mix feed and enjoy the results if you haven’t gotten yours get it now don’t wait. Also no nuts burn 🔥 the extra about these it’s in the name.

  2. Insta @ganjaprenuer320

    Simpro is awesome!!! My plants look awesome using this. I foliar feed ever 3rd day with .75 ml of Maxmicrobe mixed with 2.5 GRAMS of simpro veg. Can’t wait to flower these ladies

  3. Jahzel Mcghie (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the products easy and simple and it boost my plants production especially that I grow organically I will always use and recommend your products 💪🏽🙌🏽💪🏽🙌🏽💪🏽🌱🪴🎄

  4. P Lynn

    Great Products. Never fear simpro is here!

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