Ultimate Harvest Combo

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The Ultimate Harvest Combo is a complete, balanced fertilizer for Veg and Bloom. This is the only product you need from seed to harvest which contains all the premium additives in one easy to use super soluble power. Save money and time by choosing Simply Professional Formula.

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SimPro is Fortified with Microbes, Seaweed, Silica, Amino Acids, Fulvic Acid, Yucca, Organic and Mineral Nutrients. Produce award winning flowers with Simply Professional Formula Premium Bloom Nutrient. Use bloom nutrient during the early stages of plant development to promote root growth and again during flower at full strength to optimize the budding potential of your plants.

Directions For Use:

5gm = 1 teaspoon = 5 milliliters

Gradually increase the strength of your feedings. Don’t overdo it, SimPro Formula is strong; a full strength mix of 10 grams per gallon will produce large dense flowers. Constant heavy feeding without runoff will cause problems, water with a mild nutrient solution (EC 0.6 / 300 ppm) anytime you suspect a nutrient issue.

Heavy feeding will require runoff. Run off is the excess water that exits the bottom of the grow container when you water plants. Run-off carries away the excess nutrients and allows you to maintain a consistent root zone EC. The number one rule for watering coco is that you should always provide enough nutrient solution to each plant to produce 10-20% run-off.

Water when the top of your grow media shows signs of drying out. Don’t let plants run out of water although don’t overwater; make sure roots get access to plenty of air. If the grow medium is waterlogged and looks super wet, the roots likely aren’t getting enough oxygen for the fastest growth. With over-moist soil, you should give less water at a time or water less often.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 in

1lb each of Veg & Bloom, 25lb each of Veg & Bloom, 5lb each of Veg & Bloom

  1. Shawn Castro Ortiz (verified owner)

    10:10 I swear my plants are loving this and are just growing so fast and strong. So simple doesn’t get that easy.



    Wish there was an option for more stars. This stuff is amazing. My plants are thriving. Really really tight internodal spacing going into week 5 of veg. I’ve been using Sim pro at 100% strength ever sense the first week and haven’t had any issues with stunting / nutrient burn / lockout. My plants truly look amazing. Before stumbling upon simpro I was trying to find a nutrient line that wasn’t to much work (mixing 5 plus bottles per gal of h2o) and also a lineup that wasn’t gonna be ridiculously over priced and break my bank. And Simpro is just that product. It was taking me well over an hr to mix my nutrient solution and feed my ladies every other day and it was exhausting. I was waking up around 4 am just to have enough time to feed before leaving for work at 6. Simpro has literally cut that time in half and some more. It couldn’t be easier. I measure out one product. (Certain times in the plant life cycle such as seedling, week 1 of veg, and week 1 and 2 of transition to bloom calls for both veg and bloom powder) but still a million times easier and faster then other nutrients. Also works wonders as a foliar spray! After testing this product and literally seeing those #simplyprofessionalresults after EVERY feeding I can confidently say that I will use simpro for ALL of my future indoor cannabis grows. Thank you guys for putting out such an amazing product that isn’t centered around a cartoon label with an extremely high price tag. Sim pro is the truth fellas. Give it a try you’ll surely be happy you did!

  3. Shawn Castro-Ortiz (verified owner)

    Where do I start.

    Let’s start off with Rob prolly one the best down to earth person I met and when I say he knows he stuff. He knows his stuff so coming to him is just know you’ll get most prefect answer to your question. Now let’s talk about Simpro and what they do for you Garden. If haven’t had a chance than simply missing out because man oh man does simpro really does make it so simple and easy to feed my ladies at prefect ppm everytime and watch them grow and grow. So happy to have came across Simply Professional Formula and everything they have to offer. Definitely a loyal customer here and forever be embedded into Simpro

  4. Kush_Kween_420 (verified owner)

    Newer grower with only 1.5 yrs experience. I started my journey with Simpro on grow # 4. Which has been my best grow by far! Huge, super dense, frosty colas. I have been only feeding once per week since veg and am almost to harvest. I drop my Simpro (following their feed recommendation / doseage chart) into my distilled water gallon bottle and shake. Add a little ph up, shake and done. Sooo easy!! And this allows me to feed straight distilled water every other time I’m not feeding. Making the entire process way easier and less time consuming. Did I mention I have never added cal mag to this grow?! I love the simplicity and my plants absolutely love everything the Simpro has to offer. Can not say enough good about not only the productbut the company. The knowledge, pure generosity and good intentions behind this company definitely have my support as a grower!!! Thanks Simpro!! #simplyprofessionalresults

  5. Jason Pimentel (verified owner)

    DAMN Simpro this is like steroids for plants I’ve been using for over a month now and I saw results next day plant had more growth looked vigorous I’m addicted to it!!! And my soul and plants love you guys for that and let me tell you how simple it is to use once a week for soil piece of cake never had I use a clean and efficient product

    Ig. Pimentelfamilyfarms

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