Amino Acids

Every cell in every plant and animal contains protein, and amino acids are the building blocks of all protein.

A combination of just 20 different amino acids form the many proteins that serve as the foundation of life on earth.

When it comes to plant nutrition, the importance is often overlooked.

Amino acids are the building blocks of plant performance. They strengthen plant cells, help build disease distance, break down nutrients in soil, and encourage strong root growth.

 Amino acids are beneficial to plants in many ways:

  • Easily absorbable form of nitrogen
  • Increases the production of chlorophyll, which improves a plant’s ability to photosynthesize
  • Stimulates the synthesis of key vitamins
  • Improves a plant’s resistance to pests and diseases
  • Boosts strength of plant cells

The Effect of Amino Acids on Plant Stomata

Stomata are the pores on the surface of plant leaves and stems that help plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

The opening and closing of stomata is affected by external factors like light, humidity, and temperature.

Affected by inner factors, including amino acid levels.

This helps control the plant’s moisture balance, most importantly, it helps facilitate the intake of carbon dioxide, which is very important to produce strong continuous growth in your plants.

Whether your goal is to get bigger flowers, grow a record-breaking pumpkin, or increase your plants’ vegetative mass, supplementing with important amino acids is critical.

That’s why we include all the important amino acids for your plants in our Simply Professional Formula.

It contains all the premium additives in one easy to use super soluble powder. Simply Professional Formula is the only product you will need, from seed to harvest.




December 6, 2022
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